The reasons, that I’ve didn’t wrote anything in the last couple of weeks, is that I have changes in my workplace, and in my photo gear as well.

As for my workplace, I’ve started to work in 4/4 ( 4days work, 4 days off) in 12hrs a day, which quite exhausting, so I have to adapt myself to this. And as for my photo gear, well I sold it…I’ve overgrowth the bridge camera, not to mention that I started to uploading stock footages to Blackbox, and the video section on my Fuji was very weak, despite the fact that it had Full HD, it struggled every single time to catch focus, and it was grainy. I had to manage shooting footages with my S7 Edge which is very good don’t get me wrong, but it still just a phone.

Anyway, I have to buy new gear, I would like to ask you guys what camera should I buy, regarding I want to shoot stills, and videos as well.

Canon EOS 80D

Canon 200D

Nikon D3200

Canon 550D

Nikon D5600

Canon 6D MK2



And as always, I hope you hade a great week!

See you in the next one!



This will be a quicky.

A couple of months ago I’ve started a new ‘business’, I’m uploading stock footage to a site (ask me if you want to know more about it). Since my Fuji is not the best for this, I’ve started using my  S7 edge, but the handheld footage is shaky of course, so I needed a gimbal or a tripod for the phone. But since I’ve wrecked my bank account for the iMac,  the Gimball option is out the field, for now, I started to search for a tripod.

I found one: Joby Griptight and I’m very pleased with it! Very lightweight yet sturdy, I can drop it in my bag and go, I can mount it basically everywhere, and get interesting footage.

You can use the normal tripod with just the phone holder as it has threading.

PS.: It has magnetic feet!! 😀



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Bristol | BS1

It’s hard for me to introduce a city that I’m living in for over 4 years.

Not because I don’t know every single part of it, but because, I travel through every day or week most part of it, so after a while, it just “meh” for me.  But still can amaze me 🙂 So with that being said, I’ll try to write from it, like if it’s my first time here.

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Yesterday we went fishing in Portishead (Because, Yeah it’ll be great. Storm?! Nah, We will be good. ) I don’t have to tell you, it was a failure fishing during the storm. And the fact, that we left home all of the rigs, didn’t help at all. But I took a couple of pictures, so there’s that 🙂

Anyway, I’m on Holiday now, so I have time to take those photo walks.

Starting tomorrow with first 3 districts in Bristol.


Ps.: Take photos while you struggling in the wind, is an extreme sport.



I’ll start a new series, where I will walk you through Bristol.

I’ve lived here since 2014, and she still keeps me entertained, from Urban exploration to Upfest,  to buildings, you name it.

It will be around 10 posts about it, starting next week with Clifton area.

Sunday I will go fishing to Brean down, will be a post about it 🙂

Until then, bye for now!


To infinity and beyond

Nikon just announced the P1000 with the world’s highest zoom ratio: at 24-3000mm equivalence, it’s capable of 125x optical zoom. I saw a couple of photos taken with this monstrosity, I ’m not convinced at all by this. Continue reading “To infinity and beyond”

Journey to the unknown

(Cheesy title, I know.)

For those who don’t know what  Geocaching is: It’s a worldwide played game ( I don’t like that term), where you have to find a hidden cache with your GPS device or smartphone, or map(hardcore) either in your local area, city, another city, country, you get the idea:)

Now, while you searching that, you will explore that area, you have to…and that’s the point where photography came in.

You will be in places, you never been before, even if the cache in your local area, and there’s a good chance to capture a great photo. Maybe not a fine art photo, but still, you were outside, practicing, and (there’s a good chance) find that cache, which is also fun. Believe me.

I live in the UK since 2014, but I’m from Hungary, and by play Geocaching,  (playing since 2006)I vent to places where I never been before in Hungary, and England of course.

What you need is GPS(Garmin, or other else), or a smartphone, map, appropriate clothes(weatherwise), and of course your photography gear.


I put some pictures below, that I took some of my trips